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Marilyn Grosjean

I am  a newly elected member of the board of directors at The Camano Community Center. I have spent the past year completing a former members term on the board. I had such a good experience doing that so I decided to run for the board for the full 3 year term. I have a great passion to support the services at the Center. 

I really got to know the staff and other board members and feel that I can be an integral part of this team. We all have the interest of the Center at heart. I am at the age where I appreciate that there is a place where I live that is dedicated to helping all to have healthy fulfilling life. My husband and I have volunteered for 15 years at the Center and the thrift store. 

We always felt appreciated for what we did and had that feeling of satisfaction that comes with helping others. I am hopeful that I will have many more years to be of service to the Center. It really is a win/win situation for all. I will continue to give my best to keep the Camano Center the greatest place on Camano Island. Marilyn Grosjean

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