Proud Host of the Camano Vaccine Clinic

In early January the Camano Center and Camano Fire Department began meeting to see if a joint partnership was possible to provide a Covid 19 vaccine clinic to the island residents.  After several weeks of planning and a small trial run on January 25th, the Camano Fire and Rescue Vaccine Clinic located at the Camano Center became a reality!

Volunteers all over Camano, Whidbey and Stanwood began to call and inquire about how they could help with the efforts. The clinics have run up to 4 days per week and are currently vaccinating between 600-700 people per clinic day!

The Camano Center has been closed for over a year now, but you would never know it! There has been a tremendous amount of work being done by so many committed and caring people to reach out to this community. I am so proud be a part of the outpouring of energy to help our  neighbors and community to stay safe and begin to slowly come out of this pandemic.  

If you have not received your vaccine, or know a senior who needs help scheduling an appointment, please visit for more information.

Bonnie Eckley,
Executive Director

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