South End String Band

Live Music on St. Patrick's Day.  No host bar.   Beer, wine, dancing, food, and leprechauns!

When the taverns and bars of the Stanwoodopolis area declined the South End String Band’s offer to play St. Pat’s Day, leaving the island and the great metro area as devoid of music as Ireland was of snakes, they approached the Camano Community Center.  “St. Paddy’s Day without jigs and hornpipes is like Christmas without carols,” they argued.  “For one day at least, for the community,” they pleaded, “you have to become an Irish drinking establishment.  Live music, green beer.  Celtic carols! ”

So it came to be that the leprechauns were welcomed back, the shamrocks hung by the chimney with care, the hallowed halls of the Center were open to the bibulous and the brave, the South End String Band was declared the keepers of the flame.  The bar is open, lasses and laddies!  The island is Green once again!

Bring your sweetheart, bring your elves, bring an appetite and definitely bring a thirst.  Tuesday, March 17, 2020, the music will be playing hot and furious.  Some traditions never die and St. Patrick’s Day is back at the Camano Community Center.   One night of the year we’re all Irish.  Erin go braugh!

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