Phase 3: What That Means

Island County: Phase 3: What does that mean for the Camano Center and 2nd Chance Thrift Shop?

We have now successfully entered into the Governor’s Phase 3 as a county. Many inquiries have been coming in asking when the Thrift Shop and the Center will open up.  As an organization that’s mission is to connect, enrich, and support our community (with an emphasis on seniors aging in place successfully), we are being very cautious in resuming activities before Phase 4.

There are still many restrictions in Phase 3 to opening up. We must adhere to multiple requirements including but not limited to: purchasing sneeze guards for every area that has a volunteer or staff behind a counter, limiting the capacity of the building to 50 people (includes staff and volunteers), requiring masks and providing them to all staff and volunteers, providing hand sanitizer to everyone, cleaning all surfaces between customers, re arranging flow of traffic with signage and arrows, educating staff and volunteers, screening staff and volunteers for symptoms, documenting our efforts, and having a COVID19 trained supervisor on site during open hours.

We have found a successful way to have thrift sales outside to keep our volunteers, staff, and community safe. We are focusing our efforts to having 3-4 more sales in June and July.  We will have limited entertainment planned for the Center, but cannot resume daily operations such as social games, lunch and health and wellness classes until Phase 4. Watch our website and Facebook for dates.

Thank you for showing such support to the success of the Camano Center and the 2nd Chance Thrift Shop, and caring about the future. You are the reason essential services are continuing despite being closed for the past 4 months. You are responsible for these programs continuing:

  • Coordinated shopping lists, payment and delivery of groceries with IGA to over 200 homes
  • Made calls to our Camano Connections isolated seniors totaling over 80 hours of visiting
  • Coordinated 50 Medical transportation trips
  • Made 34 Disaster Buddy phone calls to check on neighbors
  • Signed up 1 new Buddy for a senior
  • Responded to many, many emails
  • Taken over 900 calls from the community
  • Responded to approximately 41 requests for medical equipment
  • Supported Island Senior Resources in providing Meals on Wheels deliveries, meal pickups, Ensure nutritional supplement program, and Case Management referrals for seniors

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