Why We Haven't Opened

The vision of the Camano Center and 2nd Chance Thrift Shop is to support an engaged, vibrant, and healthy community.  Our mission is to connect, enrich, and support our community. Within our values, we act with a heart of service.

These are the guiding principles of the Board and staff of our organization. These are the very words we use to make decisions about our programs, our events, and our daily actions.

Recently our Board and leadership team met to discuss the hard decisions about moving forward in today’s COVID-19 environment. Within the Governor’s Phases, our Center clearly needs to stay closed for social activities and in-house lunch program. Until Phase 4 it is not safe for seniors to gather in close proximity. The Thrift Shop is a retail business and can be open with restrictions. As much of the community has noticed, we have chosen not to open the store yet, despite having approval to do so.

The decision to hold off on opening the Thrift Shop has been a difficult one. The Camano Center relies heavily on the proceeds of the shop to fund its programs and operations.  There is no government funding to fall back on. We run the center on the retail proceeds, holding events, renting our space, applying for grants, and accepting donations from generous donors. We take pride in the fact that we earn most of what it takes to operate the Center and all its essential programs. So not having the store open, makes it very difficult on us (and all of you that want to shop!)

So why on earth would we not open when we are allowed to?

The answer lies within our mission and vision for the residents of this community.  The health of our island is why we are here.  We have been very careful in the past 4 months in following guidelines and making decisions based on what we feel is right, over financial concerns. We feel now is not the time to let our guard down with the steady rise in COVID-19 cases all over. We have asked ourselves, “how can we do our part to not contribute to the spread of the virus?”

We have answered that by doing what we feel is safe and still meets the needs of the community and our organization. Here’s what we are doing and will continue to do as long as possible:

· Holding Outdoor 2nd Chance Thrift Shop Sales at the Camano Center instead of indoors at the store. Our next sale dates are Friday, August 7th from 9am to 2pm and Saturday, August 8th, from 9am to 1pm. Watch for many more sale dates on our website.  https://camanocenter.org/2nd-chance/

· Offering personal shopping for essential items for our community with no-touch delivery.

· Decreasing our paid staff and hours down to the bare minimum

· Calling our vulnerable and isolated members to talk each day

· Checking in on our Buddy System lists to refresh the program

· Taking orders and delivering groceries to homes

· Providing transportation to seniors to medical or essential appointments

· Supporting our Meals on Wheels delivery program

· Supporting Island Senior Resources’ Ensure Program

· Supporting  Island Senior Resources’ Resource Specialist

· Supporting community groups who meet outside with masks

· Renting our parking lot for community events (prior to new restrictions)

· Operating our medical equipment lending with safe, no-touch pick ups available

· Operating the lending library with safe, no touch pick-ups available

We all feel good about what we have decided, and with the proceeds from the outside thrift sales, grants, and so many amazing supporters as donors, we are all going to be healthier and happier throughout this incredible time. 

Thank you to all of you that support our community and our mission by sharing your kind words of encouragement and your resources, both financial and in volunteering.

Bonnie Eckley
Executive Director

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