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When will the Camano Center and Thrift Shop be open?

This is our most common question right now on the phone and via email from the community. It’s certainly on all of our minds too. We want nothing more than to get back to regular operations at both the Center and at the Thrift Shop. We miss everyone!

Unfortunately the answer to that question is unknown. We know that we need to follow the Governor’s guidelines in regards to businesses opening up in stages, but we have the added responsibility to protect the most vulnerable people who are over 60 years old and/or have compromised health. This describes a large portion of our members, volunteers, staff, and shoppers. We will need to be more vigilant than some of the other businesses in our community because of this fact.

When we do start to gradually open, it will look different. This we know for sure. Here are just a few things you can expect to see at the Center for a while:

At the Thrift Shop we expect:

We want nothing more than to resume activity at both the Center and the Thrift Shop, but we must protect our community and stay healthy above all else. Each of us on staff and Board would like to thank all of you for supporting our mission with your donations, volunteering and well wishes during this tough time.  We are all doing amazing things, all together, to get through this!

Camano Center & IGA Plaza Grocery Store are partnering to offer grocery delivery service to seniors and other at-risk individuals during the COVID-19 outbreak.    Here is how it works:

If you are in need of food and essential items we are working in partnership with the Camano Plaza IGA and our volunteers to provide the following local delivery service:  Email your list of items Monday, Wednesday and Friday to the Camano Center  Type “grocery delivery” in the subject line. 

Provide an address and any delivery instructions in your message or use this form click here for google grocery order form . *If you do not use email you may call the Center at 360-387-0222 and read us your list over the phone. 

Please submit orders before noon on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in order to get delivery that day.  We will email (or call) you with the total cost for your order.  We will need a credit card number so we can coordinate payment of your order over the phone with IGA.  A volunteer driver will bring your groceries to you.  The drivers are volunteers and are not expecting tips. 

If you would like to show your appreciation for this service the Camano Center would welcome your donation.  This is a special program organized by the Camano Center meant to keep people safe and in their homes as much as possible.  Thank you! Click here to donate!

Hello friends!

It’s been a full two months that we have been closed to members and our community at both the Center and the Thrift Shop.  I have to be honest and tell you that right around week two I was wondering if we would still be in business come April. Financially we were already in a tough situation (February was the first month since I’d arrived that we operated without a deficit) then to have all income sources shut down, was a very scary and sad reality.

The thing I hadn’t counted on, was how amazing and generous all of YOU would be! You have kept the help coming in so many ways, and enabled a very small team (reduced by 85%) to continue giving essential services to our community despite having the doors shut! Here is what YOU have done for others with your generosity: 

We are staying in very close contact with our healthcare experts, government officials, and Island County leadership to follow the safest plans to slowly open up what we can. Until then we are utilizing the internet to sell items from our Thrift shop on eBay and Facebook, and hope to have a few big parking lot sales (adequately spaced out) as soon as it’s safe. We have a local church holding service in the parking lot on Sundays (in their cars) and planning for more ways to utilize our grounds over the next months prior to being able to open the buildings. Our biggest responsibility is to our community, especially those in the population that are most vulnerable, so we will not be rushing into opening up the shop and center without restrictions. We all want to get back to being social, shopping, attending events and programs, and earning income rather than asking…but it has to be done cautiously.

Many people have asked when the thrift shop will open, or why it isn’t already. The short answer is that it isn’t that easy. I have a 3 page document that outlines what we need to do from the Governor’s office. Just a few of the items are: purchasing sneeze guards for every area that has a volunteer or staff behind a counter, limiting the  number of shoppers, having mandatory masks and sanitizer available, cleaning between customers, re arranging flow of traffic, educating workers, having limitations on staff and volunteers over 65 years old, screening employees and volunteers for symptoms, and having a COVID19 trained supervisor on site at all hours open.  We have to weigh in all of the cost and risk of these things to the profit that can be made. (Now you know why we are looking at outside sales!)

My sincerest goal is to be a stronger non-profit for our community after weathering this storm both in what we can handle, and financially. We take the responsibility of each and every donation given by you, very seriously. Nothing is being spent unless absolutely necessary in order to provide the services we are able to right now.  The amazing staff here are cutting back further and wanting to volunteer instead of being paid (which there are rules against)! Everyone is humbled by your support of them and our mission.

Thank you for showing such support to the success of the Camano Center and the 2nd Chance Thrift Shop. I am not exaggerating when I say that your donations are all that are keeping the essential services going. YOU are responsible for the good that has been occurring on our island! I thank you from the very bottom of my heart, and can safely thank you on behalf of our Board, staff and volunteers too!  We are a special community for certain.


Bonnie Eckley
Executive Director

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We hope to return to our regularly scheduled activities soon.

We hope to return to our regularly scheduled activities soon.

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