This year's Crab Dash Fun Run/Walk is going virtual.  What does that actually mean? The real part - you run or walk a 5K or 10K anywhere (outside or on a treadmill) anytime between June 27th and July 11th.  The virtual part – you share your run virtually, by posting pictures on social media or by texting your friends or family a picture of you in your Crab Dash Shirt and bib ready to run or walk.  You can share your timed results by uploading them on the Run Sign Up site if you want.  You get the satisfaction of knowing your efforts helped support the community.

So…let's come together to support our community while staying apart!

Here is how it works...

Step 1. Register to run/walk the virtual 5k or 10k

Step 2. Pick up your t-shirt at our drive up pick up station at the Camano Center on June 26 or 27. If unable to pick up your shirt on Camano on those dates, email us to arrange another pick up date or we will ship it to you in the US for a fixed $5 fee. If outside the US, contact us and we will quote a price for shipping.

Step 3. Run/walk the distance on your own, on a course of your choosing or on your treadmill at home.  Submit your time to be added to the Camano Crab Dash results leader board. Post a picture of your run (wearing your t-shirt and race bib) to Facebook or Instagram using #camanocrabdash.

Step 4: Know you helped others in your community by participating in the Virtual Edition Crab Dash!

Even though we are virtual this year, you'll still get real swag! We'll offer a t-shirt pick up on June 26 & 27 at the Camano Center for all registrations before June 11 (if you sign up later than June 11th, an additional T-shirt fee of $5 may apply).

Camano Center Run Swag includes:

Click  here to register.  

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