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Volunteer with Us

Volunteers are a gift to our community

Volunteering is a wonderful way to realize how much people can accomplish through caring and dedication. 

When you give your time to something you enjoy, it’s not work but a labor of love. 

If you’re looking to make new friends or add some excitement to your life, volunteer and find out for yourself what great things await you. Most of all, volunteering is fun! 

The 2nd Chance Thrift Shop and the Camano Center depend on dedicated  volunteers.  Volunteers enjoy the opportunity to make a significant difference in their community, to meet new friends, and to have some fun.  In return we strives to provide a safe and welcoming environment for both volunteers and customers. 

If you are ready to join us sign up below, or contact Lisa Brents (360) 387-0222 for more information.

  • "I love to help all our neighbors in Camano to get to their appointments. I have met many beautiful people in my drives, and I know they are thankful to the Camano Center to offer this wonderful service."
    Josie N
    Medical Driver
  • "I am proud to be associated with 2nd Chance Thrift and Camano Center. The volunteers and staff are truly inspiring! This is my time to give a little back to a community I call home!"
    2nd Chance Thrift Shop
  • Bonney testimonial
    “I believe in the Camano Center, its mission and services. The staff and volunteers are dedicated, helpful, and all-around good people. That's why I'm proud to be a Camano Center volunteer.”
    Bonney L
    Camano Center
  • photo comiing soon
    “I’ve been working since I had 13 strokes, the amount of love and support I find here is amazing. Happy to volunteer my time and energy!”
    Vanessa V
    2nd Chance Thrift Shop
  • testamonial cathryn h
    “Volunteering at the Center affirms my sense of community. Many Center volunteers continue to contribute in safe and effective ways to help reinvent an even more vibrant active community than before COVID 19.”
    Cathryn H
    Camano Center
  • “I enjoy being around people. I love books and I have met so many friends. I like to come on Wednesdays because I get lots of work done but I like to talk with the children on Saturdays.”
    Sally D
    2nd Chance Thrift Shop
  • Sandy C
    “I volunteer at the Camano Center to be a part of our community and help others. My time and support contributes to the future, when our family will need the services that are provided by the Center.”
    Sandy C
    Camano Center
  • Bruce Spong
    "I get to meet new friends and usually hear some of their interesting life stories. Making a small difference in other’s lives and feeling their appreciation and happiness makes me happy and connected. Camano Center – such a great resource!"
    Bruce S
    Camano Center
  • Marilyn g 2
    “I volunteer at Second Chance Thrift store because it makes me feel an important part of this community. It puts me in a win/win position for the rest of my life. I love it.”
    Marilyn G
    2nd Chance Thrift Shop
  • Dave H
    "I love this community and volunteering for Camano Center is a fun way to give back and to help to grow it"
    Dave H
    Camano Center
  • "For me, volunteering has been a way to get to know the community and meet people who have the same interests & goals.  We have moved often (9 states) and all my new friends are from my volunteer groups.  They are like family to me."
    Darlene M
    2nd Chance Thrift Shop
  • Connie
    “Volunteering at the Center, 2nd Chance, and now as a member of the Board has convinced me of one thing. There are more good, kind, caring people in this community than I could have ever imagined!”
    Connie J
    Camano Center

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